My Destiny in Santa Elena

After nearly 17 years working in Switzerland and accumulate stress that entails, I decided to take a vacation of three months. As a tourist destination I chose to Central and South America, but in particular I went to Mexico and Guatemala where my spirit carry me to reach.

So I bought my ticket and started what was the journey that changed the destiny of my life. When traveling in Mexico I instantly fell in love with this country, I continued my journey to Guatemala and that time gave me pause to consider that the decision to be taken later was easy, but I was already very clear about something on my return to Switzerland: that the only country where I wanted to live was Mexico!

In Switzerland I made arrangements to venture to live in a foreign country and I set to work to devise a project was about the year 1991 when I went on a long trip to Houston in my old combi, where no one was enough administrative work that I could not accept and so I returned to the country of my dreams. Back in Mexico I enjoyed the generous hospitality of a Swiss, who for me is something I can never forget, he knew the rules for living in my new country and helped me adjust.

After a long search, I found very near the high field Atotonilco ideal for settling down and did not hesitate in buying it, this city of the Highlands of Jalisco has 60 thousand inhabitants and yet the total area occupied is not greater than community in Sargans Mels, Switzerland. My property is located specifically at Rancho Santa Elena Jalisco about 10 minutes of Atotonilco the high, almost 100 kilometers from Guadalajara (second largest city in Mexico) and just 20 kilometers east of Chapala, the largest lake Mexico.

Charly's Restaurant Santa Elena Jalisco

My next step was to build a house on my land, and had drawn how he wanted the building, so there was only translate it into bricks, which of course, as you can imagine it was also hard work. Once the home of my dreams, I took to be a tour guide through different routes Aztecs, on the home hub in Santa Elena Jalisco.

Charly's Restaurant Santa Elena Jalisco

Because of this I made my living at the time, and thus was able to save as I expand my property construction, was until two years finished build (of course, was very well-capitalized) and the bungalows were ready , pool, gardens and all the details that seemed to be endless. It was heavier load all the stones that were in the top of the building (lol).

So my personal paradise was completed at 1580 meters above sea level, the central location of my home, the pleasant climate, 300 days a year because the temperature is above 26 ° C-(79 degrees Fahrenheit) and the Mexican hospitality are factors that speak for themselves.

Charly's Restaurant Santa Elena Jalisco

Over time I have considerably improved my cooking skills, so I opened the doors of my restaurant in 2001.

I think I’ve talked enough about myself.

After your eyes get tired of reading and doing so to “have your mouth watering” take a vacation and visit my Paradise here in Santa Elena Jalisco.

Here we are talking at least two languages (after several tequilas speak many more).

Thanks for visiting my site and I’ll be very happy to welcome you here and them hospitality.